Creative ways to make money at home


Ever thought of making money from home? Well, ideas, like providing coaching or opening a small boutique, would surround your mind. What about using the internet for the same? Yes, the internet can contribute a lot in raising your monthly income. People have a common misconception that you need to be a great computer geek for earning money on the World Wide Web. Crushing that myth, we tell you confidently that no such condition is required. You just need to be talented and creative and lots of jobs are waiting for you!

Publishing your own eBook
There was a time when authors used to run behind the publishing companies in order to get their work published. Finding a suitable publishing company used to be a tough task that time as most of the companies used to refuse to keep in mind the quality of work. But with the advent of online industry, there has been some grand advancement. You don’t have to do anything to promote your book. Some of the websites where you can self publish your books include BARNES, amazons, kobo and noble. Amazon also serves as a great hub of publishing online books.

Freelancing your skills
Almost every one of us is rewarded with a skill which has a market value at present. You can turn out to be a good content writer, designer, coder or programmer. There are various websites like iWriter, 99deisgns, elance and freelancer which tend to provide work to the people having such skills. You can find the best one there and start working upon it.

Earning from a blog
A blog can also serve as a great source of income. If your blog gets a fair amount of traffic, you can sign up for Adsense. Once you sign up for Adsense, a fair amount of companies will start contacting you for placing their ads on your blog. The number of clicks ads get through your blog will decide your incomes. Google also pays a portion of revenue to active bloggers with good traffic and an Adsense account.

App testing
With an increase in the craze towards smartphones, apps are needed to accommodate the increasing demand. a smartphone is nothing without great apps. For the proper development of apps, proper app testers are also needed. Such people perform the role of debugging the code and finding out the mistakes so that they can run well. uTest is one such application that provides payments in return for your help.

Designing t-shirts
Ever been to a mall and an instinct thought came to your mind, that this t-shirt requires a little amendment? If yes, you can earn money through t-shirt designing as well. There are websites like and Such websites accept the designs submitted by designers and if it gets approved, you get the deserving incentive.

These are some of the ways by which you can easily earn money at home; however, a still lot are waiting to be explored!

Author: Julian Martin .- Stay home dad, entrepreneur and marketer. Living my life with purpose.

Hi, fabuolous! Welcome to my world

Welcome to my world! Hi, I am Fabiola Diamond, I wear many hats, but the ones I enjoy the most are the ones of a mom, a wife and the cheerleader for my followers.

I love writing, but often I found myself drowned in a list of 100+ things to do daily. Let me start by telling you why I want to make writing on my blog a priority this time.  I wanted to give back to a community of amazing people out there who wish to make a difference, reach their financial independence but got lost before the starting point.

Probably like you, I wanted a change, but circumstances always lured me to the direction of corporate jobs. Don’t get me wrong; those who have a successful career and are better persons because they love their job have my thumbs up.  However, it was mostly my willingness to raise my kids myself and be able not to let go of my career what pushed me towards becoming an entrepreneur. I did it my own way and the journey was worthwhile.

I will be blogging about how I found the balance between motherhood, entrepreneurship, and self-empowerment. I am not alone, I know;  and since there is a tribe of women like me,  out there looking forward to sharing their experiences to help others who need the final push, I hope this blog becomes a community of powerful force to a more holistic approach to entrepreneurship.

What would you find in future posts?  I wanted to make it simple, direct and to the point, so don’t expect me to use fancy words or long stories, I want you to learn how you can start your business online, run it from your living room and make dinner at the same time.

Thank you for stopping by, it will be a lot of fun.